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Wrapping film packaging machine adopts PLC control to coordinate equipment operation

Time:2018/6/4Author:adminClick: 836
Automatic winding machine is a stretch film as the packaging material, using the winding method to all kinds of regular or irregular items wrapped around. Widely used in glass products, hardware tools, electronic appliances, paper, ceramics, chemicals, food, beverages, building materials and other industries. It can improve the logistics efficiency, reduce the loss in the transportation process, has the advantages of dust-proof, moisture-proof, and reduce the packaging cost, etc. It is an ideal choice for upgrading the grade of product packaging.
    Wrapping film packaging machine Technical characteristics: Total control system: Adopt PLC control to coordinate the movements of the whole machine. Frequency control function: control the speed of the coordination turntable and the film frame to achieve the control of the stacking density of the stack. Slow start device: When the turntable is started, if the acceleration is too large, the top layer of the stacking article can easily shift and slide, and adding a slow start device can solve this concern. Locally reinforced packaging device: When the stacking is integrally wound, the required winding strength of each part is usually inconsistent, that is, the reinforced part is strengthened and the lightly taped part is taken. In this way, both the stacking reliability and the packaging material are saved. Self-protection switchgear: When the height control switch is faulted, the membrane seat cannot be stopped normally at the top, which will cause serious damage to the mechanical parts, so it is necessary to add a self-protection switchgear. Photoelectric detection device: To achieve automatic packaging, the device must have a device that automatically detects stacking height. Dial positioning function: The dial is automatically positioned to ensure accurate pallet positioning.