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Stretch film machine must take a high-end technical route

Time:2019/1/15Author:adminClick: 1332
The film wrapping machine is a packaging machine with an electrical device that winds various bulk objects or assembled objects by the tension of the stretched film to package them into a whole. It is suitable for rapid transportation or storage. It has strong adaptability, high efficiency and low consumption, reduces labor intensity, and can protect the package from dust, moisture and cleaning, and reduce the surface scratch of the package. After a long period of use, the film wrapping machine often shows that the turntable does not turn during its use. What is the cause of this phenomenon? Analyze from the source to completely resolve the fault.

The film wrapping machine slowly changed the concept of manual production to manual packaging. And under the pressure of high manual flow frequency and increased labor cost, the machine will be replaced by manual operation, and the film wrapping machine will replace the intensive manual operation.

The same machine is equivalent to a fixed investment asset of an enterprise. While reducing production costs, it improves production efficiency, reduces employee labor intensity, and reduces employee turnover rate. And it can ensure that the packaging of the product is more uniform and beautiful, and it shows higher value in the market. Bring more profits to the company. The film wrapping machine is also called the wrapping machine.

The film wrapping machine is one of the more advanced packaging methods on the international market. It is wrapped with a shrink film on the outside of the product or package, and then heated to shrink the packaging material to wrap the product or the assembly, fully displaying the merchandise of the item to increase the appearance and value; at the same time, the packaged article can be sealed , moisture, pollution prevention. And protect the article from external impact, has a certain cushioning property, in addition, can reduce the possibility of the product being dismantled and stolen; when the wrapping film machine shrinks, a certain pulling force is generated, so that a group of articles to be packaged can be wrapped tightly. It is used for the binding of ropes, and is especially suitable for the collection of multiple sets of articles and tray packaging, so this product can be widely used in the packaging of various small products.