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Automatic film winding machine turned into a rising state

Time:2019/2/17Author:adminClick: 1608
According to the statistics, the volume of automatic film wrapping film machine has risen. With the recent rising trend, our marketing and market research departments have analyzed two reasons for customer demand and market trend analysis, which has led to an increase in demand for automatic film wrapping machine. .
First, the general trend of the environment: At the current national level, companies are encouraged to increase the level of intelligence and improve the overall technological strength of manufacturing.
Second, at the industry level, due to the increase of labor costs and the demand side's requirements for quality standards, the production enterprises will be promoted to reduce the labor costs and improve the quality standardization.
Based on the above two points, the demand for film-wound film machines with high degree of automation is increasing. According to the analysis, this demand will continue to increase and the technology will be more demanded, so that the equipment is more automated and intelligent. Or close to the unmanned workshop effect. According to this trend, Cote Machinery will link multiple departments to carry out equipment technology upgrade research and development in line with customer needs.