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Bubble film machine (air cushion film machine) energy saving control system

Time:2019/11/15Author:adminClick: 2462
At present, most of the bubble film machines (air cushion film machines) belong to the hydraulic transmission bubble film machine (air cushion film machine), and the power in the hydraulic transmission system is provided by the motor driven oil pump. In the process of the extrusion cycle, the bubble machine (air cushion machine) requires different flow rates and pressures in different processes. It is necessary to rely on the flow valve and the pressure valve to regulate the flow and pressure required for different processes, because the dosing pump The output power cannot be adjusted, so the excess energy can only be consumed in the baffle, oil leakage, oil temperature rise, which aggravates the wear of various valves, and the oil temperature is too high, the motor noise is too large, and the machinery Shortevity and other phenomena. Moreover, the capacity of the planned motor is much higher than the actual demand, and there is a phenomenon of “large horse-drawn car”, which forms a lot of waste of electric energy. The end of each action in the extrusion process has the subtle cooperation of several parameters such as time, pressure, speed, and azimuth. That is to say, the displacement in a certain direction has corresponding pressure and speed, and in different orientations and times. Its pressure and speed are variable. After each action is completed, a stop signal is transmitted to the program controller, and the program controller notifies the instruction to execute the next action after receiving the signal.