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Bubble film machine shipping packaging matters needing attention

Time:2018/6/11Author:adminClick: 837
Bubble film machine as a relatively large volume packaging equipment, its delivery packaging is very important, many users will think that the bubble film machine is such a stand-up delivery, the actual is not, bubble film machine is generally put the column down On the turntable, it is fixed with a bubble film machine and then hit the wooden box or iron box. Then the question arises. How do you package multiple bubble film machines?
In general, when multiple bubble film machines are transported by sea, in order to make more use of the container space, manufacturers will pack the bubble film machines together when they ship. The fall here is not the kind of direct fall-off that everyone imagines. It is made like a shelf. There is one shelf on each floor, and the rack body is generally welded with square steel. This will not only guarantee the stability of transportation, but also reduce transportation costs. In addition to the bubble machine itself, the bubble machine is usually used with some other components, such as slopes. The slope is not high in terms of height, but the area will be large. Given the characteristics of the slope, Hongxin recommends packaging. When shipping, you can choose to place the side of the slope on the side of the container or with the frame of the bubble film machine. There is no need for separate packaging and no more container space is required. In addition to slopes, bubble film machines are used in conjunction with bubble film machines. However, the principle of packaging is similar. The bubble film machine is also packaged in a roll and a roll. When loading, you can choose gaps or places where space is relatively small to be randomly placed, which can maximize the utilization of containers.