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Hongxin Air-cushion Film Unit: Convenient and durable

Time:2018/4/2Author:adminClick: 933

By adding different additives to the plastic raw materials, various special air-cushion films such as anti-static can be manufactured. Anti-static air-cushion film, used for packaging electronic components, components, such as boards, cards, etc., can prevent static electricity and can also play a role in buffering and anti-vibration. Some features of bubble film machine:

     1. The machine performance is stable and durable;

     3. Good adaptability to raw materials (LDPE, recycled plastics, LLDPE);

     5, unique flip type winding mechanism, simple and convenient operation;

     6, a machine has two types of water-cooled and air-cooled; water cooling can increase production efficiency, the resulting bubble film three-dimensional sense of strong, transparent, water-cooled to meet the film without water

     7, the whole machine frequency control, effectively reduce energy consumption.