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Bubble film machine (air cushion film machine) driver safety operation procedures:

Time:2018/7/12Author:adminClick: 716
Bubble film machine (air cushion film machine) driver safety operation procedures:
1. The operator must pass the special safety technical training test, and the operator who holds the operation certificate can operate independently. It can not be operated separately without special training and passing the examination.
2. Before starting the machine, carefully check whether the mechanical, electrical and protective devices of the equipment are in good condition, sensitive and reliable. If the main accessories such as controller, brake, limiter, electric bell, emergency switch, etc. fail, lifting is strictly prohibited.
3. Must be obeyed by the heavy lifting personnel (one person). It is not allowed to be commanded by many people during normal lifting, but the emergency stop signal launched by anyone should be stopped immediately.
4. The operator must be able to operate after receiving the command signal, and should ring before the operation starts.
5. When operating the controller handle, it should first go from the “zero” position to the first gear, and then increase or decrease the speed step by step. When commutating, you must first switch back to the "zero" position.
6. When approaching the hoisting limiter, the speed of the car is slower as it approaches the terminal or encounters the adjacent car. It is not allowed to use reverse car instead of brake, limit instead of parking, emergency switch instead of ordinary switch.
7. Should walk and go up and down on the specified safe walkway, dedicated platform or escalator. Both sides of the cart track are not allowed to walk except for maintenance. Walking is strictly prohibited on the trolley track. It is not allowed to cross from one driving to another.
8. When the work is stopped, the lifting objects are not allowed to hang in the air. During operation, a warning should be sounded when someone on the ground or a drop is placed. It is strictly forbidden to hang over the head of the person. Lifting objects must not be too high.
9. When two vehicles are lifting an object at the same time, they must follow the command and follow the same steps.
10. During operation, there must be a certain distance between driving and driving, and it is strictly forbidden to crash. When the same wall crane is in the wrong car, the driving should start the car to actively avoid, and meet with the upper level, the lower layer should actively avoid.