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Concept design of bubble film machine (air cushion film machine)

Time:2018/7/22Author:adminClick: 676
Conceptual design is an early stage in the design of mechanical products. Its core is a series of orderly, organized, and targeted design activities that analyze user needs and generate conceptual products. Aiming at the complex modeling problem of the bubble film unit (air cushion film machine) concept design, the multi-color set theory is used to hierarchically model the unit concept knowledge through the function-constrained-structure model. Each layer includes the unit market demand and plan. Describe the reasoning matrix and its constraints from the market demand to the scenario description, where the market demand is input to the layer, corresponding to the uniform color of the multi-color set scheme layer, the scheme description is the layer output, corresponding to the individual color of the multi-color set, reasoning The matrix is the relationship matrix between individual color and uniform color. Finally, the fuzzy evaluation method is used to find out the product optimization combination design scheme.