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Three things to pay attention to when working with bubble film (air cushion film machine)

Time:2018/7/29Author:adminClick: 665
Bubble film (air cushion film machine) is used to package electronic components and components, such as boards, cards, cosmetics, small household appliances, and fragile items. It is usually used in various industries such as cargo transportation, food packaging, product preservation, and biotechnology. It can prevent static electricity, plastic bubble film (air cushion film machine), and can also play the role of buffering anti-vibration. What are the precautions for using the bubble film (air cushion film machine) before and after use?

1. It is strictly forbidden to insert hand, hair, clothing angle, headscarf, tie, etc. into the bubble film machine during work;

2. Regularly inspect and maintain the bubble film (air cushion film machine) to ensure its normal operation;

3. In order to ensure safety, only professional technicians can repair and disassemble the bubble film (air cushion film machine).

The bubble film (air cushion film machine) adopts a one-time molding process, fully absorbs domestic and foreign good technology, reasonable circulation saves resources, reduces production cost, and the machine structure design is scientific and practical.