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Hongxin air-cushion film unit: reliable operation

Time:2018/4/20Author:adminClick: 902
· Good plasticizing effect, strong adaptability to raw materials, good product quality. The important components of screw, barrel, and mold technology have been continuously improved by the plastics machinery research center, and can be applied to various raw materials such as LDPE, LLDPE, and recycled plastics. They have good plasticizing properties and the bubble film quality is stable.
  ·The machine has stable performance, convenient operation and low energy consumption. The main control system uses Schneider and other world-renowned brands, reliable operation and minimal failure.
  ·Air bubble film machine has three methods: water immersion cooling, flower immersed water cooling, air blow cooling. Flower immersion cooling method is adopted. The bubble film produced is transparent, the shape of the cylinder is obvious, and the efficiency is high. The blower cooling can satisfy the bubble film without entrainment. Moisture requirements.
·You can purchase Φ6 ∽ Φ30 various specifications of flower die, produce different specifications of bubble film products, using special equipment, tooling and processing flower die, bubble distribution, small spacing error, bubble film appearance is beautiful.
     ·Bubble aluminum film laminating machine has two-layer and three-layer bubble film production function.
     · Turn-over winding mechanism, easy and quick change of roll.