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The reason for the rapid development of the film winding machine

Time:2018/8/16Author:adminClick: 739
The film wrapping machine is a packaging machine with an electrical device that winds various bulk objects or assembled objects by the tension of the stretched film to package them into a whole. It is suitable for rapid transportation or storage. It has strong adaptability, high efficiency and low consumption, reduces labor intensity, and can protect the package from dust, moisture and cleaning, and reduce the surface scratch of the package.

Stretch film machine adaptability

At present, the film wrapping machine on the market is no longer a packaging machine in the traditional sense, but a perfect combination with the packaging line.

Today, with the development of science and technology faster and faster, experts claim that if only traditional production development methods are adopted, it is difficult for the film wrapping machine enterprises to adapt to the development of society and it is difficult to survive. The development of the film wrapping machine industry must be as follows. Aspects are aligned:

1. The original organic type modular design makes the new winding film machine structure more standardized and modularized, and realizes the conversion of new models in a short time.

2. The structure movement is highly accurate. Structural motion control and other related to the performance of packaging machinery, must be completed using high-precision controllers.

Stretch film machine

3. Towards the direction of control intelligence. The controller is the mechanical brain, which is the main equipment for issuing the action command. In the future, the packaging machine must have the conditions of multi-function, simple adjustment and operation.

4. Develop towards diversification. The refined and diversified development of market commodities indirectly requires that the film wrapping machine be market-oriented and diversified.