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What are the causes of problems in the products produced by the bubble film machine (air cushion film machine)?

Time:2018/8/22Author:adminClick: 682
The bubble film machine (air cushion film machine) is a kind of anti-pressure, moisture-proof and shock-proof chemical product machine for packaging and filling, and its products are applied to the outer packaging of electronic instruments, home appliances, handicrafts, glass products, handicrafts, bicycles and the like. However, some of the outer packagings that appear in production have problems that make them unusable. What are the reasons?

1. The extrusion temperature is low and the resin is poorly plasticized, resulting in poor transparency of the film after the bubble film machine (air cushion film machine) is blown. The solution is to appropriately increase the extrusion temperature so that the resin can be uniformly plasticized;

2. In order to solve the problem that the inflation ratio of the product is too large, the bubble is unstable, and the left and right swings are easy to wrinkle. Therefore, it is necessary to appropriately reduce the inflation ratio of the air cushion film machine;

3. Adjust the cooling device to ensure that the air outlet of the air outlet is even, and the thickness of the film can be uniform. Therefore, when the air supply volume around the cooling air ring is inconsistent, the cooling effect is uneven.