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Stretch film machine - make cargo packaging more stable

Time:2018/8/26Author:adminClick: 552
Stretch film machine with pre-stretched wrapping film as packaging material, has been widely used today, the main function is for the packaging of pallets, pallets, and other products, the working principle is through the rotation of the turntable It drives the rotation of goods and unifies a variety of automated processes, whether regular or irregular. In addition, by utilizing the retractability and self-adhesiveness of the stretched film, the goods and the tray are tightly bound together. This whole, whether in the workshop or in the transportation process, will have the effect of fixing the goods, so that the goods can not easily occur in the case of accidents such as loosening and collapse. It can also produce a dust-proof, moisture-proof, and damage-proof effect on the goods.

The film wrapping machine adapts to the packaging requirements of cargo collection and storage, and at the same time reduces the labor intensity and improves the work efficiency of the enterprise. Nowadays, the film wrapping machine has been widely used in enterprises, and it is an essential automation equipment for modern enterprise product packaging. What are the advantages of its features?

1. The stretched film is wrapped around the outer layer of the cargo, which can effectively prevent the infiltration of dust, moisture and other harmful components in the air. In addition, the winding machine completely wraps the goods in the stretch film to ensure the integrity of the wrapped goods and facilitate handling. The winding machine replaces the manual mode of traditional mechanical winding, which greatly improves the efficiency of the packaging of the goods. The winding of the goods is carried out by the turntable, which can make the wrapping film more uniform, which not only saves the packaging consumables, but also reduces the cost. The expenditure has increased the efficiency of the enterprise.

  Second, the film winding machine includes manual operation and automatic operation mode, which can be replaced at any time, can automatically sense the height of the goods, without manual height measurement, multi-function, touch control panel, fool type and intelligent control design, operation Easy, winding specifications, winding film lifting speed, tightness can be adjusted at will, convenient and quick, slow start, slow stop, fixed stop, when the packaging is completed, the film is automatically broken, free of cutter, easy replacement of parts, machine failure It can be analyzed by ICON and the failure rate is extremely low.