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Stretch film machine must go high-end technology

Time:2018/8/28Author:adminClick: 660
The emergence of the film wrapping machine equipment has indeed solved many difficulties for many industries in China. Under the stimulation of technology, the fully automatic packaging machine has become an inter-departmental industry, realizing its own value in many fields. Under the macro-control of China and the orderly management of the market, the film-wrapping machinery has developed rapidly at home and abroad, gradually matured, and the market is getting bigger and bigger.
The film wrapping machine slowly changed the concept of manual production to manual packaging. And under the pressure of high manual flow frequency and increased labor cost, the machine will be replaced by manual operation, and the film wrapping machine will replace the intensive manual operation. The same machine is equivalent to a fixed investment asset of an enterprise. While reducing production costs, it improves production efficiency, reduces employee labor intensity, and reduces employee turnover rate. And it can ensure that the packaging of the product is more uniform and beautiful, and it shows higher value in the market. Bring more profits to the company. The film wrapping machine is also called the wrapping machine. In order to meet the packaging requirements for cargo storage, transportation and mechanized loading and unloading operations, Hongxin Machinery Co., Ltd. designs and manufactures tray-type wrapping film machine, top-type drag-type stretch film machine and pre-drawing film machine. The use of packaging costs with foreign trade exports, food and beverage, irrigation, paper, dyes, plastics, glass ceramics, electromechanical castings, etc., to improve production efficiency, but also to prevent damage during the handling of the goods, and to prevent dust, Moisture and cleaning.
On the basis of the extended jet heat shrinking machine, the film winding machine series has increased the capacity of the shrinking chamber and equipped with a larger power transmission motor, thereby having higher bearing capacity. The high-power internal circulation fan is adopted to make the shrinking chamber have more uniform and sufficient internal circulation hot air to ensure the shrinkage packaging of larger items. The automatic winding film machine adopts an electronic speed regulating motor, and the speed adjustment range is large. The heat shrinkable chamber adopts a fully enclosed hot air inner circulation device, which has good shrinkage and packaging effect, convenient operation and maintenance, and can be applied to any shrink film packaging machine.
The film wrapping machine is one of the more advanced packaging methods on the international market. It is wrapped with a shrink film on the outside of the product or package, and then heated to shrink the packaging material to wrap the product or the assembly, fully displaying the merchandise of the item to increase the appearance and value; at the same time, the packaged article can be sealed , moisture, pollution prevention. And protect the article from external impact, has a certain cushioning property, in addition, can reduce the possibility of the product being dismantled and stolen; when the wrapping film machine shrinks, a certain pulling force is generated, so that a group of articles to be packaged can be wrapped tightly. It is used for the binding of ropes, and is especially suitable for the collection of multiple sets of articles and tray packaging, so this product can be widely used in the packaging of various small products.
"Enterprises must develop for a long time, and need to further accelerate the replacement of the film wrapping machine, and introduce intelligent into the whole packaging machinery equipment and production line. Only with the help of high-tech, can we enhance our competitiveness. The industry analysts believe that from the automatic film winding machine In terms of industry, the lack of varieties, backward technology, outdated equipment, and poor product reliability have constrained the development of enterprises. Therefore, many film-wrapping machine companies began to try to replace products, but many companies only improved on the basis of the original equipment. Lack of development and application of high-end technology.