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Automatic tray winding machine

Time:2018/9/9Author:adminClick: 644
The automatic pallet winding machine is a new type of winding packaging equipment designed and manufactured by Hongxin Machinery, which can solve the packaging requirements of most of the objects on the market that require tray wrapping. Compared with the use of hand-wound packaging, it can save labor costs, greatly improve work efficiency, and significantly improve the quality of packaging. At present, the equipment has been widely used in textile, paper, food, beverage, electronics, chemical, decorative materials and other industries.

The automatic pallet winding machine can be roughly divided into the following three subsystems according to the equipment configuration:
First, the control system
1. PLC programming control system, the number of winding layers, the agreed height, the number of reinforcement layers, and the tightness can be directly on the panel;
2, the operation is simple, just press the start button, you can automatically complete the entire winding process;
3. Photoelectric control switch automatically senses the height of the cargo;
4. There is an emergency stop button. If you need to stop during the packaging process, you can press the emergency stop.
Second, the mold base system
1. The mold base is made of aluminum material, which is stable and light;
2, the use of high wear-resistant rubber roller, long service life;
3. The dynamic structure of the formwork is a pre-stretching mechanism, and the stretching ratio can reach 250%;
4. The rising speed, falling speed and film feeding speed of the mold base are adjustable;
5. The lifting column is double-chain, which is stable and reliable.
6. The number of bottom and top winding layers can be set separately.
Third, the turntable system
1. The turntable is made of high-strength steel with high quality. After the package is finished, the turntable can be automatically reset.
2, the turntable speed can be adjusted at 0-15rpm frequency conversion.