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Stretch film winding machine common sense

Time:2018/9/16Author:adminClick: 625
Stretch film packaging machine, also known as stretch film winding machine, is a wrapping and wrapping machine that uses stretch film as packaging material to meet the packaging requirements of cargo storage, transportation and mechanized loading and unloading operations. From the structure of the equipment can be divided into tray type wrapping film packaging machine, cylindrical winding packaging machine, cantilever (rocker) type wrapping film machine, horizontal winding packaging machine; from the film frame structure can be divided into pre-stretch film winding machine, Automatic resistance stretch winding machine. Stretch film packaging machine is advanced in technology, widely used in food, beverage, carton, wooden box, small drum, fertilizer bag, ton bag, glass bottle and other small pieces of cargo packaging and other large cylinders that can be placed on the tray. Cylindrical wound packaging such as paper and non-woven reel.

Stretch film machine
    Stretch film winding machine is mainly used in the packaging material industry: Stretch film winding machine is widely used in the industry, mainly for packaging needs and for intensive transportation. It is widely used in glass products, hardware tools, electronics. Electrical appliances, paper, ceramics, chemicals, food, beverages, building materials, etc.
    Stretch film winding machines have different classification standards and their classifications are also different. According to its structure, it can be divided into seven categories: pallet machine, cylinder machine, ring body machine, rocker machine, radial machine, horizontal machine and baggage packing machine. It can be divided into all according to the degree of automation (whether or not PLC is configured). Automatic and semi-automatic; in addition, according to the structure of its membrane frame (whether or not the film-feeding motor is configured), it can be divided into three types: pre-stretching, resistive stretching and mechanical pre-stretching, which is crucial for future film cost. In particular, it is preferable to use a pre-stretched film holder for a manufacturer having a relatively large amount of film.
Steps for usage:
    1. The machine is in the initial position, the film is fixed on the turntable or the goods, press the automatic operation button;
    2. The turntable starts to accelerate to the highest speed, the film automatically outputs with the turntable, and the turntable counts. When the bottom set value is reached, the film frame starts to rise.
    3. When the diaphragm frame rises until the photoelectric switch fails to illuminate the cargo, the diaphragm holder stops rising after the delay setting time, and the number of times is counted up and down, the turntable continues to run, the turntable counts, and when the set top layer number is reached, the film The frame is lowered, and the film frame is stopped when it is lowered to the bottom, and the number of times of the bottom and bottom is counted again, and the number of bottom layers is counted.
    4. By analogy, the packaging process is completed when the number of times of up and down reaches the set value. The turntable slowly landed and stopped at the initial inspection point.
Principle and characteristics of stretch film winding machine:
     1. Adopt computer intelligent control, winding mode and process parameter setting are intuitive.
     2. Adopt photoelectric automatic height measurement and automatic positioning of the turntable.
     3. Perfect upper and lower protection functions.
     4. The film is pulled or pre-tensioned.
     5. Use international standard stretch film
     6. Various accessories can be customized.