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Bubble film machine prevents static electricity and can play a role in buffering and vibration prevention

Time:2018/5/23Author:adminClick: 828
The bubble film machine can manufacture various special air-cushion films such as static electricity prevention by adding different additives to plastic materials. Anti-static air-cushion film, used for packaging electronic components, components, such as boards, cards, etc., can prevent static electricity and can also play a role in buffering and anti-vibration.
Bubble film machine products have light weight, good elasticity, high transparency, and also have soundproof and shockproof performance. The coiler is composed of two roll film rolls, flipper and torque meter meter. It is mainly responsible for the effective coiling of the air cushion film from the tractor, making the air cushion film products into coils, and then packing into the warehouse. It is also the air cushion. The last link in film production.