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Bubble film machine (air cushion film machine) according to different product requirements

Time:2018/9/24Author:adminClick: 673
The bubble film machine (air cushion film machine) series can produce single or double air cushion film machine products from 500mm to 1800mm. The bubble film machine is mainly divided into single layer bubble film machine, double layer bubble film machine, three. Layer composite bubble film machine, polyethylene bubble film machine, polyethylene composite bubble film unit, polyethylene bubble film unit, etc.

The unit adopts a one-time molding process, which has high production efficiency and good product quality. The structure design of the machine is scientific and reasonable, the operation balance is reliable, and the operation and maintenance are convenient.

Bubble film machine (air cushion film machine), bubble film unit (air cushion film unit) Professional manufacturer - Hongxin Machinery Co., Ltd., the leading products of this company are non-woven bag making machine series, bubble film machine (air cushion film machine) , bubble film unit (air cushion film unit), air cushion bubble unit series, printing machine series, pearl cotton slicer film punching machine and various plastic packaging machinery. The products are not only sold well all over the country, but also exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, America and the Middle East. The excellent quality and good after-sales service system are deeply trusted and supported by domestic and foreign colleagues.
Polyethylene air cushion film (also known as polyethylene bubble film) is divided into ordinary polyethylene air cushion film and composite polyethylene air cushion film unit, which is a commonly used packaging material, which not only has good shock absorption and impact resistance, Heat sealing; also has the advantages of corrosion, good transparency, etc., widely used in household postal parcels, precision instruments, bicycles, polyurethane furniture, etc.