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Winding film machine parameter setting

Time:2018/9/24Author:adminClick: 691
The new wrapping machine parameters are not set. After the film wrapping machine is purchased, we must first make certain settings according to the product parameters that we want to package. For example, according to how many layers of wrapping film the product is wound, running up and down several times, etc., this requires the customer to actually according to the actual product of the product. The situation is set, the customer can set it himself after purchasing, and the control panel can be opened.

The film winding machine consists of a forming roll and a vacuum pump. The forming roll is available in three sizes (6mm, 10mm, 28mm) and can be equipped according to customer requirements. The forming machine is mainly responsible for effectively shaping the melted raw material extruded from the die. Being a cushioning film product is an important part.