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Analysis of common problems in film wrapping machine

Time:2018/10/7Author:adminClick: 643
The film wrapping machine is a packaging machine with an electrical device that winds various bulk objects or assembled objects by the tension of the stretched film to package them into a whole. It is suitable for rapid transportation or storage. It has strong adaptability, high efficiency and low consumption, reduces labor intensity, and can protect the package from dust, moisture and cleaning, and reduce the surface scratch of the package. After a long period of use, the film wrapping machine often shows that the turntable does not turn during its use. What is the cause of this phenomenon? Analyze from the source to completely resolve the fault.

1. The first thing to check is the inverter. When it does not show anything, it means it is burned out, and it is necessary to make a timely replacement. There is a display, but the displayed situation is different from the data we usually see. In this case, the parameter setting may be wrong. Just re-set it according to the requirements of the technical department.

2. The second step is to check the chain of the inverter, adjust the distance between the large and small sprocket, and then re-link the connection.

3. Another possibility is that the turntable reducer itself has a problem with the failure, and the replacement of the reducer is required.