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Bubble (pad) film machine is mainly responsible for effective stereotypes

Time:2018/5/27Author:adminClick: 771
The bubble (pad) film machine is composed of a forming roller and a vacuum pump. The forming roller is available in three sizes (6mm, 10mm, 28mm) and can be equipped according to customer requirements. The molding machine is mainly responsible for efficiently shaping the melted raw materials extruded from the mold. It is a very important part to become a bubble (pad) film product.
The bubble (pad) film winder consists of two roll film rolls, flipper, and torque motor counter meter. It is mainly responsible for the effective take-up of air bubble (pad) film coming out from the puller to make the air bubble (pad) film. The product becomes a coil and is then packaged into the warehouse. It is also the last link in the production of bubble (pad) film.