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Thickness of bubble film machine (air cushion film machine)

Time:2018/10/25Author:adminClick: 845
The bubble film machine (air cushion film machine) adopts a one-time molding process to continuously produce a polyethylene composite bubble (mat) film. The structure of the machine is scientific, practical and reasonable. Various special bubble films such as antistatic can be produced by adding different additives to the plastic raw materials.

The unit thickness of the bubble film machine (air cushion film machine) is: silk or C, which is a small unit, not a special caliper, we can hardly get it. Is the bubble film product as thick as possible? This depends on its own needs, the thicker and harder, and vice versa. According to the products packaged by the user, if it is a more expensive and delicate product, it is not suitable to use a thick product. Because of the thickness, it is easy to draw your product; on the contrary, if the thickness of the bubble film product is too thin, then Soft, relatively speaking, the bubble is also easier to break, it will not achieve the corresponding pressure-proof effect. A product with a thickness of about 6 filaments is the most suitable for us, regardless of the type of user.