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Horizontal winding film machine

Time:2018/10/25Author:adminClick: 927
Horizontal winding film machine

Product features: The packaging material rotates around the uniform speed of the goods through the swing arm system. At the same time, the tension of the packaging material is adjusted by the stretching mechanism, the object is packaged into a tight whole, and a spiral regular packaging is formed on the surface of the object. Beautiful, dustproof and moisture proof.

The horizontal wrapping film machine uses a wrapping film, a non-woven fabric, a composite paper or the like as a main packaging material, and winds and wraps long rods, pipes, sheets, wires, and the like. It adopts PLC programmable controller control; adopts human-machine dialogue touch screen, which can adjust the winding overlap according to the packaging requirements; optical and electrical inductance measurement, automatic continuous operation; film frame automatic reset. Safe, stable, efficient and convenient.