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Why is the bubble film machine (air cushion film machine) prohibited from turning on the power during the inspection circuit?

Time:2018/11/3Author:adminClick: 753
In addition to daily maintenance, the bubble film machine (air cushion film machine) should be regularly inspected, and the die should be thoroughly cleaned every three months. The grease should be replaced every three months for various bearings, and decelerated every six months. The oil is replaced once, and the entire equipment is overhauled every two years. It is absolutely forbidden to turn on the power during the process of repairing the circuit; it is absolutely forbidden to extend into the part of the equipment transmission that may cause harm to the human body; after the equipment is overhauled, it should be protected with the equipment back to the equipment; before the power is turned on, confirm that the equipment is well grounded.

Check the power supply, vacuum system, air pressure system and cooling system before starting each time. After the equipment is started, check whether the rotation direction of each rotating part is correct. Usually check the lubrication of each lubrication part. The electrical instrument should be in accordance with the regulations. maintenance.