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Air cushion film machine (air cushion film machine) one-time molding process

Time:2018/11/10Author:adminClick: 904
The air cushion film machine (air cushion film machine) mainly produces air cushion film. Because the middle layer of the air cushion film is filled with air, it is light in body, flexible, and has the functions of sound insulation, shockproof and wear resistance. Air cushion film can replace protective products such as foamed plastic particle fillers, and is the first choice for protective packaging for sellers of electronic products, cosmetics, audio and video CDs. The air cushion film machine adopts a one-time molding process to continuously produce a polyethylene composite bubble (mat) film. The structural design of the air cushion membrane machine is scientific, practical and reasonable.
Air cushion film machine (air cushion film machine) one-time molding process:
The air-cushion film machine (air cushion film machine) one-time molding process mainly includes five stages of clamping--filling-holding pressure-cooling-release. These five stages directly determine the quality of the product, and these four stages are a complete continuous process.

Precautions during the molding process of air cushion film machine (air cushion film machine):
1. Pressure and time
During the pressure keeping process, the nozzle of the injection molding machine continuously feeds the cavity to fill the volume vacated due to the shrinkage of the workpiece. If the cavity is filled without holding pressure, the part will shrink by about 25%, especially if the tendon is too large to form a shrinkage mark. The holding pressure is generally about 85% of the maximum filling pressure, of course, it should be determined according to the actual situation.
2. Temperature
Temperature is an important factor affecting injection pressure. There are 5 to 6 heating sections in the barrel of the injection molding machine. Each raw material has its suitable processing temperature (for detailed processing temperature, please refer to the data provided by the material supplier), and the injection temperature must be controlled within a certain range.