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Technical upgrade plan for winding machine equipment

Time:2018/11/10Author:adminClick: 679
At present, the international development of industry 4.0, the domestic research and development of the Internet +, these two development directions have one thing in common, that is, industrial production, marketing Internet, intelligent. Hongxin Machinery will take advantage of the trend and will launch a technology upgrade plan in the second half of this year. At that time, Hongxin Machinery will be engaged in its tray winding machine, vertical winding machine, horizontal winding machine, horizontal winding machine, rocker winding machine and trayless winding. The equipment of the machine and cylinder winding machine has been upgraded and upgraded. It is expected that although it will not be able to achieve Internetization and intelligence after upgrading, there is no problem in achieving high automation. At that time, it will lead the industry to fully upgrade.