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What are the performance characteristics of the automatic winding machine (tray winding machine)?

Time:2018/11/25Author:adminClick: 837
Here are some of the content, to let you know what performance characteristics of the automatic winding machine:
1. Pull the film holder to make the package more closely fit.
2. Locally strengthen at the required parts to make the packaging more beautiful.
3. The turntable slows down and stops, preventing the goods from falling down instantly.
4. Turntable reset to ensure accurate positioning during handling.
5. The interval of the film is adjustable, and the packaging material is more economical.
6. The number of wraps and the number of wraps at the bottom and top are easy to adjust.
7. Photoelectric height measurement, which can automatically sense the height of the package.
8. The overload protection is safe and reliable, the maintenance is simple and easy to operate.
9. Manual and electric trucks are a good choice.