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How does the film winding machine achieve safe operation?

Time:2018/12/26Author:adminClick: 968
Regardless of the safety issues in the production and processing of any product, the first thing to do in the packaging machine is also the case, so how to achieve safe operation when using the film winding machine?

1. Inspection work before operation
1. Confirm the power supply used in the film winding machine, and do not insert the wrong power supply. A grounding wire must be used for leakage protection.
2. Check that the power cable insulation is intact.
3. Check if the stretch film is correct.
4. Whether the machine works normally when the machine is running dry.
2. Precautions in operation
1. It is not allowed to install the machine in a soft place.
2. It is not allowed to place the object to be wound on the edge of the turntable.
3. When the machine is running, it is strictly forbidden to step on the machine turntable.
4. In an emergency, press the emergency stop switch to disconnect the motor power and use the machine to stop.
3. After the work is over
1. After completing the work on the day, the machine should be cleaned once.
2. The main parts and parts should be lubricated with oil frequently.
3. Unplug the power cord when the machine is not in use.
4. To ensure safety, only electrical technicians can perform maintenance on electrical equipment.