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What is the performance of the bubble film machine (air cushion machine)?

Time:2019/1/15Author:adminClick: 1196
What is the performance of the bubble film machine (air cushion machine)? Wenzhou Hongxin Machinery Co., Ltd. introduces the performance analysis of bubble film machine (air cushion film machine) in this paper.
Bubble film machine is also called air cushion film machine, bubble film, bubble paper, etc. It is a kind of anti-pressure, moisture-proof and shockproof chemical product used for packaging filling.
According to the raw materials, it is divided into: high-quality new materials (color and white bright), recycled materials (recycled bubble film and other re-processed, due to impurities, dark colors). .

[Product Performance] Air cushion film, also known as bubble film, is made of high-quality polyethylene resin, and is also a commonly used packaging material for a wide range of applications. Because the middle layer of the air cushion film is filled with air, it is light and flexible, and has soundproofing, shockproof and anti-wear properties. This product can replace protective products such as foamed plastic particle fillers, and is the first choice for protective packaging for sellers of electronic products, cosmetics, audio and video CDs.
[Scope of application] This product is waterproof, moisture-proof and pressure-resistant. It is the best choice for mailing valuables, cosmetics, small appliances, and fragile items. The bubble film has the functions of shockproof, anti-breakage, cushioning and moisture proof. Widely used in precision electronic equipment, handicrafts, automobiles, motorcycles, bicycle accessories, ceramic glass products, fire-fighting equipment and furniture packaging.
Introduction of the blowing method for the production of bubble film by bubble film machine (air cushion film machine)
The bubble film machine (air cushion film machine) is blown from top to bottom. The T-die is a two-layer film that flows out at a time, and then flows to the bubble stick. The bubble stick is connected to the vacuum pump and is bubbled through the bubble stick. The adsorption forms a bubble and then rewinds.